Bitcoin: A Double-Edged Sword in the Hands of Criminals?

Crypto Elwis
3 min readOct 21, 2023

Bitcoin: A Criminal’s Arsenal?

Criminals have an affinity for a myriad of tools, and Bitcoin undoubtedly finds its place among their preferred instruments. After all, Bitcoin is fundamentally a technology for handling money, a resource that criminals find inherently valuable.

Bitcoin’s Immutable Ledger

It’s important to note that criminals can potentially exploit any form of currency for illicit purposes. However, Bitcoin’s distinctive feature, its immutable ledger, presents a significant hurdle for criminals engaged in crimes where victims may be scrutinized.

The Conundrum of Victimless Crimes

Bitcoin does find its place in facilitating victimless crimes. In such cases, where no discernible victims exist, the identity of the wrongdoer often remains concealed. Yet, delving into this notion reveals a deeper truth: the concept of a “victimless crime” might be a product of twentieth-century propaganda.

The Elusive Notion of Victimless Crimes

The argument that an act lacks criminality if no victim is involved is a perspective some legislators would prefer to uphold when crafting laws. Bitcoin can serve as a tool in facilitating these potentially illegal yet morally ambiguous activities. With no victims to press charges and no perpetrator to apprehend, seemingly innocuous activities may manifest on the blockchain as individual transactions, unlinked to any malicious intent.

The Bitcoin Paradox

Considering the aforementioned points, it’s improbable that Bitcoin would find utility in heinous crimes such as murder or terrorism. Instead, it may find application in victimless activities like online gambling and evading capital controls, particularly within the realm of chance-based platforms.

A Reevaluation of Bitcoin’s Role

In this context, categorizing Bitcoin solely as a tool for criminals due to the blockchain’s immutable record may be an oversimplification. Rather, Bitcoin should be viewed as a multifaceted tool with both positive and negative potential. It has the capacity to contribute to a peaceful and prosperous future, provided it is harnessed judiciously and responsibly.