Bitwise Unveils Bold Predictions for 2024: Bitcoin Surging, Ethereum Doubling, and AI Embracing Crypto Payments

Crypto Elwis
2 min readDec 14, 2023


Bitwise, a prominent asset management company, has laid out its ambitious cryptocurrency forecasts for 2024. These projections encompass significant milestones and transformative developments within the crypto landscape, shaping the industry’s trajectory in the coming years.

Bitcoin’s Meteoric Rise: Targeting $80,000

Bitwise anticipates a robust performance from Bitcoin, predicting the pioneer cryptocurrency to surpass the $80,000 mark. This optimistic outlook reflects a continued bullish sentiment for Bitcoin, emphasizing its potential as a lucrative investment in the evolving financial landscape.

Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval: A Game-Changing Moment

One of the pivotal expectations revolves around the approval of a Spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). If realized, this development could mark a transformative moment for the cryptocurrency market, opening new avenues for institutional and retail investors to engage with Bitcoin in a regulated and accessible manner.

JP Morgan’s Foray into Tokenization: Breaking New Ground

Bitwise’s forecast includes JP Morgan venturing into the tokenization of a fund. This move signals a significant endorsement of blockchain technology and digital assets by a major financial institution, potentially paving the way for increased institutional involvement in the crypto space.

Ethereum’s Revenue Surge: Doubling to $5 Billion

The Ethereum network is predicted to experience a substantial surge in revenue, more than doubling to reach $5 billion. This projection underscores the growing importance of the Ethereum blockchain and smart contract platform, indicating increased adoption and utilization across various sectors.

AI Assistants Embrace Cryptocurrency: Integration into Online Payments

Bitwise envisions a novel intersection of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies, with AI assistants incorporating digital currencies into online payments. This forecast suggests an evolving landscape where emerging technologies converge to redefine the way transactions are conducted in the digital realm.

Ethereum Network Transaction Fees Plummet: Below $0.01 on Average

A significant development anticipated by Bitwise is the substantial reduction in transaction fees on the Ethereum network. The forecast indicates that average transaction fees will drop below $0.01, addressing a longstanding concern and potentially encouraging wider adoption and usage of the Ethereum blockchain.

Financial Advisors Embrace Cryptocurrency: One in Four Allocating to Client Accounts

Bitwise foresees a notable shift in the financial advisory space, with one in four financial advisors expected to allocate cryptocurrency to client accounts. This signifies a growing recognition of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate asset class, prompting financial advisors to integrate digital assets into traditional investment portfolios.

As Bitwise unveils these bold predictions, the cryptocurrency community eagerly awaits to witness how these forecasts unfold, potentially reshaping the industry and influencing investor sentiments in the years to come.